Mikel W. Jones
Rapping with the worlds gift to me
Mixtape List:

Brick By Brick
Track One
Toy Soldiers
Not Another Word
Come Back(Interlude)
You're Not Alone
The Coup(Doesn't Matter)
Outro(Family Reunion)

Music Player:
You're not Alone
Coup D'etat
A Little About Mikel:

Mikel blows out his candles on the 16th of August. Hailing from Escondido CA, Mikel has become a rapper that everyone knows and loves. Ever since late 2008, Mikel's music has brought joy to the lives of others, inspiring a line of young artists to write and record masterpieces. Mikel later on realized this and decided to bring everyone together for one big album. Out of the kindness of his heart he will release this mixtape named Coup D'etat for free. For those who can't download the songs, Mikel and DJ Doc will be handing out Cd's with great covers for each song made by DJ Doc. 
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